Sunday, May 22, 2016


I've been badgered by an anonymous number, past few days.

I've texted back, a bunch of times, stating that he/she got a wrong number. But the calls won't stop.

Then, one day I picked it up.



It has been a while, since the last I've heard that voice from the other end of the phone. And suddenly it came rushing back.

Her voice. Her scent. Her figures came into my mind.

Alongside all the memories I thought I had buried a long time ago, all came rushing back.

It blackened my sense, for a moment.


How can a simple call, a mere simple word drags me back into this solemn, lonely hell?

And here I am typing inside a cheap hotel room, besides her naked body sleeping soundly, contemplating on my old blog.

Nonetheless, the sex was good.

Sometimes, running back to the past does hold its perks.

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