Monday, May 18, 2015


It's raining.

The universe is wicked in some way. 

Making a gloomy day like this, gloomier.

I've been running away from formalities of all sorts since forever. My wedding was a simple gesture, I didn't attend my college graduation ceremony, and been avoiding all of my friends solemnization invitation.

But there I stood earlier this day besides my close friend's grave. 


I always hated the emotional queue in formalities. 

You have to smile and be happy for the bride and groom in their wedding, even you hardly spoke to them before. 

You have to keep a straight manner in graduation ceremony, even it was the day you presumably to be happy. 

But this mourning felt... so warm.

Maybe I took a wrong turn somewhere in the past, I missed a whole lot I not know of.

Rest in peace, my dear friend. My prayer will always be with you.

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